"Improvements in concentration, body awareness and core muscle strength create incredible improvements both in the rider's seat, and in her horse's response to her body"   - Mary Wanless, Ride With Your Mind

4 Point Physio's Chartered Physiotherapists practise as human physio's too, so make the ideal professional to assess & treat both horse & rider 

If you have poor posture, aches & pains or injury, this could lead to your horse moving in a dysfunctional way, which can cause horses to develop imbalance, discomfort, injuries & restrict performance 

4 Point Physio can provide individualised physio for riders & their horse partnership, including:

horse rider physiotherapy west midlands
  • Unmounted rider assessment of movement patterns, to identify issues in flexibility, strength & stability
  • Clinical diagnosis of any rider musculoskeletal injuries or problems
  • Ridden assessment of contact, posture, balance & symmetry in the saddle
  • Tailored treatment using manual therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy & exercise rehabilitation on & off your horse to correct posture & improve mobility, strength, core stability & body awareness, aiming to enhance your riding, comfort & confidence
  • Support for long term fitness & pain management e.g. sports massage, Pilates, gym balls, balance boards, weights, resistance bands, breathing exercises, acupuncture (human only)


Assessment + Remedial Exercise Programme: £50

Follow-up Treatment: £45