We are the only facility in the West Midlands offering both pool based swimming & underwater treadmill hydrotherapy for dogs, run by an ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist &  Level 3 Hydrotherapist, all on one site!


What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a type of physiotherapy using water. The water's buoyancy, resistance & pressure helps dogs to exercise with low impact & low weight bearing on the joints, whilst improving strength, mobility & overall fitness. Hydrotherapy can benefit dogs recovering from surgery or injuries, managing arthritis & pain, as well as weight loss.

canine hydrotherapy pool dogs.JPG

Pool Based Swimming

Our purpose built canine pool is large enough for even giant breeds, has an easy access ramp, jets for increasing resistance & underwater platform for resting & exercising. Dogs are always accompanied in the water, wearing a buoyancy jacket or harness. Water is a warm 27 degrees. pH & Chlorine levels are checked daily with digital testing, keeping the pool clean & safe. Showering & blow drying is offered to all dogs. 


Underwater Treadmill

Our brand new, state of the art underwater treadmill by Tudor Treadmills is right next to the pool. Water levels, treadmill speed & incline can all be controlled via a touch screen pad. Walking can be rehabilitated very specifically to help dogs get back their normal movement patterns. Ideal for nervous dogs that may be reluctant or unable to swim. Great for after surgery when more controlled rehab is needed.